Monday night dinner and my date


Happy Monday! It’s another raining one in Boston. Yikes, I’m not a fan of the weather trend we got going. But I must admit, it does make you notice how full and green the grass has become on top of Telegraph Hill!
Speaking of streak, go Celtics!  Had to say it, but let’s be honest. I’ll hear of the result from one of three places: the news (tv or app), Ryan-my sports crazed boyfriend or my coworkers for which I will overhear about the action since I don’t partake in Celtics conversations since I have zero input.  But I would gladly watch the game in the right setting. At a bar with friends and drinks or preferrably at home on the couch with Ryan. 🙂

So, above are a couple of pictures of my dinner tonight. Yep, kind of dull, but I was actually excited for this meal! Since, I finished eating while I typed this up, Toby(my dinner date) didn’t like the lack of attention that he received. He quickly left once he saw that I was done and after catching a few thrown bits of sweet potato.  🙂 You see in the background of my picture?  Can’t blaim him for begging when you think about the meals he’s given.  He is NOT shy when it comes to begging by the table!

Anyway, my dinner consisted of :chicken and spinach patty (recipe to come in the future), sweet potato wedges (recipe from my fav blog),  a small scoop of regular hummus (maybe tbsp), the rest of the preztel chips bag and a corn english muffin.  Lots of carbs, but I think it will good fuel for the walk that Toby and I will be taking soon. FYI: the chicken and spinach patty is really a great meal for lunch or dinner. I never regret making it and it’s quick and easy!  Mainly, I enjoy having it because it’s tasty (obv) and it is relatively healthy (ground chicken isn’t all natural and it’s 93%lean and a good amount of protein). PLUS when added to the corn english muffin and it is out of this world. I HAVE to post the recipe soon. Remind me!
…truth be told, I could eat corn english muffins every meal and be happy.  Why don’t I, you ask? It isn’t the most nutritious thing we buy at the store. It lacks fiber and most important nutrients in general. But it is low calorie and a good portion size for most meals that Ryan and I enjoy at home.
On that note, I can’t wait until Ryan comes home. 😦 Another lonely weekday night for the books. Toby and I will just have to keep busy per usual. Shouldn’t be hard with Mr. Menace.
Off to my motherly duties! Good night!!


Author: LauraWalshMorr

Thanks for stopping by, folks I am a nearly 30-something young lady who works and lives in the Boston area with my husband and dog. Working a 9-5 can be dull, but once I bust out the office doors, my hobbies, interests and errands that day can begin. I love to bake and cook for my family, friends and neighbors. I only bake the fun, unhealthy stuff. When it comes to cooking, I usually shoot for healthy, nutritious meals for my husband and myself. Running has become part of my life and has been for a few years now. I am a member of a local running club which brings much stability and fun to my regular workouts. Wine has been an interest for me since I started working at Legal Seafood's for a short period of time back in 2007. I only lasted there for one summer before deciding to go back to my previous, easier restaurant gig at Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse. Even though Legal's wasn't for me, my knowledge and interest in wine grew from the experience. That sums up some of the main topics you will see on my page. But since I have a hint of ADD (not really), the topic possibilities are endless. xo Laura

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